Orangeburg painless dentist

Orangeburg Painless Dentist

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Painless dentistry in Orangeburg

When we at Smile More Dentistry refer to painless care, what we mean is not just anesthesia, thought that is a big part of it, but also the gentle treatment that sets your mind at ease. We understand that many people are fearful or nervous about sitting in the dental chair, and we have dedicated our practice to limiting or even eliminating those feelings entirely. You should never go to a dental office that does not take your concerns with the utmost of seriousness. Here, we most certainly do.

Different patients of ours will have varying degrees of sensitivity to pain. For some, no anesthesia at all will be fine for certain treatments. Others do perfectly well with the administering of local anesthesia where just the area being worked on is numbed by our Orangeburg painless dentist. And then there are those who need something more comprehensive. Sedation is used to make anxiety a non-factor in your treatment. You’ll be completely at ease, and in fact you will probably not remember much at all afterward. There are different types that our Orangeburg painless dentist employs, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and IV sedation. Fortunately, you are in the hands of a dental anesthesiologist. That’s not just an arbitrary title, either. It requires an additional two years of training and certification. But you, our valued patient, deserve nothing less than the best of care provided with maximum expertise and experience.

Thanks to our Orangeburg painless dentist, so many of our patients are able to regain and maintain a much higher degree of oral wellness. Instead of finding reasons to avoid coming to our office, they are eager to come in because they know that their personal challenges are being met. We want you to join their ranks. You don’t have to be worried any more. Simply contact our office to book an appointment to come in soon.

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